Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New on Sale: Vintage Marc Jacobs Floral Halter Dress

New on sale at our shop is this vintage layered floral sundress, with mesh fringed threading, sewn floral embroidery, layered bottom, and knotted cross back straps. A luxurious, yet casual, summertime dress with a classic flower detail from Marc Jacobs.

Find the one-of-a-kind vintage Marc Jacobs dress in-store at Bond 07 by Selima.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Just In: The Chanel Leather & Denim Purse

Denim and leather have never looked better together.

Added to our selection of vintage accessories is this leather & denim purse from Chanel. Exhibiting classic Chanel fashion design, with the signature gold chain link strap wrapped around white leather, the purse is also concurrent with stylish sensibilities of today, with medium wash denim outer.

A fun look for an essential accessory, perfect for the summer! Find this bag in-store, with other luxury items by Chanel, at Bond 07 by Selima.